All you need to know about Epilepsy and the Workforce. Every jobseeker should have a jobsearch strategy. If you have epilepsy, you may also have to consider some additional issues.

Professional Training for Employers

We provide non accredited education for epilepsy care and first aid awareness in schools, tertiary institutions, medical and allied health professionals, government departments and across the full spectrum of the community. Our programs include:

  • Developing skills in epilepsy care and management
  • Seizure first aid training, including emergency management of seizures (midazolam)
  • Community education through the delivery of "Understanding and Managing Epilepsy" workshops

Helpful questions employers can ask

If a job applicant tells you they have epilepsy, this disclosure gives you the opportunity to find out about their condition and if it will affect their work.

Some helpful questions to ask are:-

  • What kind of seizures do you have and how often do these occur?
  • Can you describe what happens when you are having a seizure?
  • Do your seizures occur randomly or is there a pattern?
  • Is there anything in particular which triggers a seizure?
  • If you have a seizure, how long does it take before you can carry on with your work?
  • What should we do if you have a seizure at work?

To assume that a person's epilepsy will prevent them from doing the job is often a mistake and can lead to discrimination.